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I think VA needs to have a Portal that Veterans could sign into to get copies of VA Rating results and other documents to save money of mailing and also if a Veteran loses a copy. They could log in an get the document and print it from home. The would help with printing cost and postage. Being in the paperless world.


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    columbus.bryant ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks for your support

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    Good idea and suggestion but you have to look at it from the Departments side. What if someone wanted to get the information that was not supposed to? The VA has a good identification protocol in which the Vet has to call in to find out the results of their claims/appeals. The Vet can also send an inquiry directly from home and submit a request in writing to their regional offices on the information they want to obtain. The VA has a duty to keep the Vets information private in which its enforced daily.

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    Need to have a provision for the non computer folks. Remember we still have guys out there who don't have a home no less a computer.

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    The VA is working on this type of site right now. It is being tested at some Regional Offices. I hope that the plan will go live nationwide in the next few months.