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Acupuncture available in my local VA system

Veterans should be able to receive acupuncture from Licensed Acupuncturists at their local VA facility or have acupuncture treatment covered by their health care insurance. Acupuncture is a drug-free way to reduce symptoms of pain, sleep troubles (various forms of insomnia), anxiety, depression, anger, flashbacks, and running thoughts. These symptoms are common in post-combat stress, post-traumatic stress, operational stress, and battle-mind stress. Acupuncture is already available from Licensed Acupuncturists in some Army and Air Force MTFs. It is available from private L.Ac. practitioners across the country. It would be helpful and more convenient if it was offered at my local VA so I know I would have access to it for my symptoms and I know cost would not prevent me from receiving the help I need (to avoid the use of drugs and possibly improve the effects of the counseling sessions). I would prefer to receive from a nationally board-certified practitioner, that is a Licensed Acupuncturist, because they are trained to be experts in the medicine of acupuncture.



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