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Over 2 years ago I was treated at non-VA ER. I had been told by my PCP at the CBOC where I was a patient to go to the ER because of chest pain. I notified the CBOC of the visit as soon as I was discharged. I recveived the bills and sent them to Charlie Norwood VAMC for payment. To this day I have never received any notification as to whether of not the bills were paid or denied. Since I didn't get any more bills I assumed that Charlie Norwood VAMC paid them. Now just yesterday I received notification from the doctor's office that the bill has been sent to collection.


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    If you can, hire an attorney and hopefully one very stern letter to the VA by your attorney will clear it up. Im scared to death of the same problem you have had and the VA tells you on the phone that if this a life threatening illness, hang up and dial 911. Just how far does the VA have to go before somebody sues them so hard that they wake up. They spend more money covering thier backsides, then they do taking care of vets. Good luck to you. By the way, Im not surprised at all with your billing problem. Remember in the military; Ill bet your bills went to the circular file.