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Closing the gap in the workforce for military occupations

I bring this back up because my desire is to get someone in Department of Labor and Department of Defense and VA to get off the )#)#&% and do something about this issue. I need your help to make this happen.


PLEASE REVIEW and go to the original draft and find out more then let us U.S. do something about this.


In the United States today we have an ever groing need for skilled workers in a wide variety of special occupations. (Nurses, CNA’s, CMA’s, Nurse practioners, Long Haul Truck Drivers and the list goes on).

Millions of dollars are being lost due to the cost of re-training.


Filling the need for qualified works in special occupations is not new. That need has been with our society for a lot of years. After World War II the solution was send our returning soldiers to school. Let them earn a degree. Thus the GI Bill was formed. This solution did several great things for our country. It took care of those needs for unskilled soldiers to learn an occupation in school and apply what was learned to a specific occupation. It helped in establishing the foundation for our higher educational system. It put us on the leading edge in Education, skilled occupations and showed the world that we could adapt to new challenges in our work place. This paper was produced to Identify the issue of licensing and certifing those leaving the military and wanting to use there training and experiences right away in a civilian environment. To reduce an ever growing cap in or society for qualified workers in specific occupations.


Specific Occupations that are in need of qualified workers (Closing the Gap)

The part of the work force that is not recognized but is fully trained and experienced, just not recognized (Military Occupations)



There are several hundred Occupations in our society that are short of qualifed workers and that number is growing. The problems are:

Workers are retiring and a larger number then ever before.

It takes a long time to train a new force to replace those leaving.

VETERANS and the Trainers Government are being disrespected

The system is not recognizing a big portion of our workforce.

The system is not ecknowledging there own processes.

The system needs to updated and brought into todays standards.

The politians/government does not recognize their own training and work experience

The system treats our soldiers as they did back in 1944, 1945 Let us fix this problem.....



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