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Collaborations with medical schools

In an effort to provide better service to veterans, VA needs to hold supervising physicians accountable for the agreements with medical schools, which have changed greatly since World War II. Perhaps publishing salaries of highly compensated physicians and administrators, such as the university professors who appear to be paid for favors, not work. Sometimes, the VA seems to pay for "greasing palms" rather than service, and the university professors have an attitude of entitlement rather than service to veterans. University physicians already paid >$300,000 per year are said to work 15-25 hours or more for the VA, although they have no to few clinics (or the clinics somehow have no patients), no to few committees and no research. They may drop in once a week for "office time", and earn far more from VA than they would in private practice for the few patients they see, or supervise being seen. A VA employee in the same specialty is supposed to do 2-3 or more times as much clinical work as the university professors (and take care of the professor's patients when they are not there), so there is no "equal pay for equal work". The VA also needs be open about the research opportunities offered, and either change their brochures or offer research opportunities available to non-university physicians. Sometimes the VA pays for university research of no potential benefit to veterans.



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