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Equal Treatment for ALL Veterans

As National Chairman of the American Cold War Veterans I have some issues with VA. Millions of men and women served during the Cold War, and outside of the Korea and Vietnam War periods.


Many or most of these veterans are not eligible for VA Health Care. We did the

same jobs that today's military are doing, yet so many get denied. This is totally unfair and unequal treatment.


President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary Shinseki have all stated that

it is their feeling that all veterans should receive fair and equal treatment.


It does not appear that equal treatment will happen in the near future. We do understand that the wheels of government sometimes move so slowly as to almost

appear to be not moving at all.


We do know and understand that the present conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan

are very costly. The number of injured or killed in action is growing at an

alarming rate.


More service members are surviving their injuries than at any

time in history. We also know that these brave men and women deserve the best

possible care, and for that care to continue for as long as needed.


Many of those returning today are not receiving proper care, or get no care or

help at all. PTSD and TBI can not be allowed to go untreated. The homeless veterans need to be given a hand and a place to live. Substance abuse must be

addressed and eradicated if possible.


Cold War veterans also suffer PTSD and the burden of proof is great, many injures have not been treated. Cold War veterans are ignored, turned away

and denied what they were promised.


It is time to end the bias against those who did not serve during declared

"war periods." We also served our country with pride and honor.


Now let our country honor us with the care we were promised



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