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Help Veterans and their families discover their benefits

Nearly 75% of veterans do not know their complete benefits available to them. My company has created a unique veteran outreach program featuring our interactive kiosks. I have included a web link below for you to preview the program kiosks as well.

The Veteran Outreach Program:

The specific goal for the Veteran Outreach Program is to educate veterans and their families on new and existing programs and benefits available to them, while emphasizing the importance of visiting their local VSO.

Additional program benefits:

• Provides critical federal and state information for United States veterans and their families.

• Identifies the local veterans and assists in getting them to their local VSO.

• Promotes a VA unified message consistently throughout the country.

• Provides local VSOs with a solid communication tool.

• Allows the user to interactively select the information they would like to learn about.

• Educates around the clock without costly intervention.

• Ability to be used at local stores, malls, community events, libraries, military bases, VFW halls, Elks lodges, American Legion posts, etc.

State funding to educate veterans is not available due to the economy. The Veterans Administration is the only agency with proper funding that can reach out to all veterans. THe kiosks educate twenty-four hours a day and reach veterans in places that the internet or service officers can't. Thank you.

Stu Lyle

Meisse Productions

419-529-5900 Ext 250


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  1. Comment

    Todays modern day veterans are on the internet from

    the time of school days. Anybody can Google into

    the state or county VSO offices of their area

    and get benefits information. Active duty troops

    receive full benefits disclosures prior to

    discharge as a matter of laws pass e couple of

    years ago. This is a dead issue for now.