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I don't see how this is off topic; Or be moved or "closed"

I think this is a real issue especially in term of access & cooperation between state/federal levels.

Closing it and moving to off topic misses my point, sorry if I am saying "the emperor has no closes".


I think accountability is key.



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My current struggle. Annoyed Chicagoan.


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The VA is very simple if you are like cryptography. Here are some highlights of my on going ordeal (my claim)


1. After resorting to every link & phone number I had to call the suicide prevention hotline just to hear one set of simple instructions, "Drive to the Hines VA building 200 get in the system then go left to building 228".


2. So they couldn't help so I went to my VSO, he did the paperwork. My my claim was wretched! My place of birth is spelled wrong, my reserve years are left out, even the claims are inaccurate. I won't even speak on "Section III Tell us about". I thinkl by the wording he just wants to minimize my claim & just send me to A.A. (tough love)


3. True, I have 2 doctors and 3 diagnosis's and have medical proof what of I am claiming. I saved every document. I've even got letters from employers & other records. I think, in any case the common expression of "give us everything" not acceptable, because nobody yet can answer what are "Documents Relevant" to my claim.


4. Ideally I'd like to fire everybody who is helping & sit with a coach fill out my forms, go home get the documentation & come back with my claim with a big red bow on it. I could have my end done in a day or two; I just then need to find somebody to give it to & make them accountable & clearly tell me what the VA's requirements are ... then hurry up & wait (no idea how long, but I'll be anxious the whole time)


The kicker of it all was my VSO who had to hear things I don't, can't or don't want to share works out of the National Guard Armory. In my opinion a less than therapeutic environment. Also for anybody curious, amy immediate help according to Illinois Warriors (state) or the VA (federal) there is 4 months back log for most things so if you need it file now.


My father when I told him about this (U.S. Army -Vietnam - ASA) said, "The VA is where G.I's go to die & the drunks are there for the D.T's". I don't think it's that bad. People seem to want to help however they either lack the tools & training or are incompetent (maybe both). My paranoid Air Force brain makes me honestly believe that there is actually an effort to make it hard because it's a cost savings.


I'm sure I'll post again. "The process" could continue for a year. Pray for me if you think of it, I'm glad I'm not suicidal just wanting to file a claim for compensation.



Mr. Christopher C. Pieschala

Veteran of Operation Desert Storm - USAF

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So what is your idea?

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I think this post sums it up.


"When a veteran submits a claim he/she should be able to go to a site within the VA site that will allow them to check on the status of their claim. By the same token the VA should have milestones built into the system that will require that the VA adjudicator communicate with the veteran at preset day markers informing the vet of the status of the claim. Markers would be at 30 day intervals starting with 60 days. Once the claim reaches 180 days it would require that a supervisor become involved and a report be made to Secretary of the VA. If the VA is serious about speeding up claims, this should not be a problem. I understand that some claims are more complicated than others but there is no excuse for routine claims taking as long as thay do. Email should be used as extensively as possible to implement this system."


In a word "accountability" .. For example, I just learned my Illinois VSO in Will County Illinois had already given up his position when doing my claim. My SSN was wrong my 21-526 was completely substandard, now I'm advised by the Chicago VA office to rewrite it myself. In Illinois it is impossible to get a VSO on the phone for help & their work levels; never mind the 4 day weekend they had over the weekend makes it difficult just to get into the system. Any further aid I may ask for is unavailable until the VA makes a decision.


I've been told though I filed a claim in January I may not get an answer this year. There's already a back log for emergency aid. So I don't even have a point of contact to help me in the meantime.


I would like to thank Illinois Warriors Association, though they are state level they have been a a help .. but offer little in regards to how I may more effectively deal with the Federal level.



Mr. Christopher C. Pieschala

Veteran of Operation Desert Storm - USAF



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