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Internet Access for Veterans in VA Medical Centers

Presently, VA Medical Centers do not provide Veterans with bedside access to the Internet. Apparently, this is not an authorized use of VA bandwidth and network access.

Why not provide Internet service to Veterans in VA Medical Centers by using donated funds and equipment? This is a great way to help Veterans by setting them up with a means to use the Internet while they are in a VA Medical Center. VA would need to provide some equipment room space and establish technical standards to avoid any electronic interference with medical devices.

Use the Fisher House foundation as a model. Properly packaged, this would be a slam dunk to draw donated funds from IT corporations, charitable organizations and patriotic private citizens. Perhaps a VSO could champion the cause?


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    I totally agree, what we need to do is get a committe started to get this done. I would be glad to jump on board. If you interested contact me at It can be done if not already. There might be internet access for pt's in some VA's now but not sure.

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    I agree then we can do our own research on new meds and stuff while we are still in the hospital. I recently had a woman get very pissy when I asked her for the side effect info on a new med. Another got pissy when we turned down heprin, when he is a bleeder.