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Will VA has done it again without even knowing it, The Parkinson’s, Ischemic heart disease and B-cell leukemias it look like these disease’s it will take about a year to get their first reply and here is why:

VA stated that the law will be here this spring and in April VA waits the contractors to submit proposals in 90 days, then after VA APPROVES the SOLUTIONS then it will take 150 days to apply the new solution and start inputting all the claim that have been back logged waiting VA to get right (maybe) . You are looking at a year+ for your first notice.

So people like me that have submitted the claim with all test, lab’s, ct’s ,cat scans and doctor notes in October of 2009 and had a VA examination in 2009 and now it has been put on hold until the law is passed and VA get their act start on how they wait to input it. I feel they should process the one’s they have before they loose the paper work or tell you to start all over again because the paper is out dated.



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