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Recorded Monitoring of VA Health Care Facilities

In the spirit of openess I believe the VA Health System desparately needs recorded monitoring of the VA receptionist at the VA facilities. Many of these receptionists are contracted out and they are often young and working at their first job. I have been working as a volunteer county Veteran Service Assistant for our Veteran Service Officer. I have noticed and many veterans have told me about the terrible attitude and the message that some of these receptionist convey to them. A message that the receptionist is in charge and they answer to no-one. Often some of these receptionists grossly verbally mistreat our veterans. The CBOC in our county has even called the police on our veterans before. The only nurse on staff they call the office manager sticks up for her recepeptionists and offers no apologies. I believe all calls should be recorded for the benefit of the veteran and anyone verbally abusing, bullying, or mistreating our veterans along with anyone harboring this attitude and these activities should be held accountable and be disciplined. I talked to who I thought was the patient advocate at our Regional VA Hospital and he told me the Veteran Service Officer Assistant that he did not want me calling him and that from now on I was to call the office nurse. This office sure works transparently, OR NOT!



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