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Refill Prescripitions on line

It is very confusing for Vet's to manage there meds on line when we go to order refills on linebecause there is no name for the medication only a number. at my last viist to the VA the Doc. delete meds I don't take and renewed the old ones. when I whent to reorder my meds I could not find the number that I had been using. I had to call my Doc. to conferm the meds that were there they only see a name and nopt a number. CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THE MEDICATION NAME TO THE REFILL SITE PLEASE TO HELP US BETTER MANAGE OUR MEDICATION ORDERING?


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    There is a procedure in place thru the MyhealthE Vet website. All you have to do is log in then look for the instructions on the home page that discusses In-Person Authentication. Open That box and you will get the instructions to become authenticated. Watch the Video, (Its Bo Derek) and fill out the form. Take the form to the Release of Information Office and they will set you up so you can see the names of your meds.

    Seems like a lot to go thru but it is really not.