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Assisting in a Veteran Service Office with 25,000 veterans I would really like to see a satisfaction survey sent out concerning what I consider to be a terrible CBOC (from what I have experienced and heard). If these survey results show a high amount of dissatisfaction I would like to see the VA take action to improve these CBOC's. It's not about these VA employees who feel that the VA Medical System is all for them but it is completely about our veterans who have served their country and deserve respect and assistance in many ways.


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    I had to disagree with this one: Surveys at the VA in my opinion are a waste of money for the paperwork and man hours used to tabulate them. Really think about it ... who actually answers these, if I could be assured that every single Veteran was included in the survey AND that every single Veteran answered truthfully (some just feel blessed that they have any care or don't know any better AND some others go to the extreme of signing off negatively on everything because of one or two bad experiences).

    The system in my opinion is overstaffed with executives who would just love another piece of paper (ie survey) to prove whatever points they glean from the Statistics. A joke, I heard once ... a statistians puts his/her head in the oven and his/her feet in a bucket of ice and determines "Average"

    even this website??? brings angst to me. How many veterans inside or outside of the VA have been notified of it's existence??? what are these numbers really going to tabulate, will these ideas actually go anywhere when you are looking at how many voted vs. the percentage of veterans not voting???

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    Rachel Lunsford, Moderator
    ( Moderator )

    pcarey888, what if it was a short survey? Like did we answer your question? Or are you satisified with your experience today? I would be interested in a survey if it benefited your experience and wasn't another piece of paper littering desks.

    The ideas here are great. I am one of the team members reading this feedback on a regular basis (I do try to read everyday sometimes I don't get to respond immediately). We are incorporating your ideas as much as possible. Now I know we won't be able to do all of them but we will tell you why we think we can't get to them.

    Other ideas, we're already working on!