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Senior Leadership Service in the Field

One of the greatest challenges faced at the VA is cultural divide between the DC central office and the medical center, VARO, etc, in the field - this in addition internal organizational rivalry. A possible way to bridge this gap would be creating opportunites for SES level staff (including political appointees) to volunteer, atleast one week per year, in the field at any hospital, clinic, VetCenter, etc.


In this role they will not act a member of the SES cadre but as a regular employee, meaning they would be given some work like anybody by their supervisor at the hopspital or clinic or wherever they are assigned for that week. By exposing these folks to work at this level will allow them possibly to contibute something directly to veterans as well their colleagues and employees. Additionally, this would give them a chance to change the field perceptions of DC and vice-versa. Lastly and mostly it will them see how things work...



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