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Standardize the VA Presumption System for Exposure Veterans

There is no statutory procedure to follow nor

are there any VA application FORMS published

so that groups of toxic exposure veterans can

file for, and expeditiously receive, Presumption

Service Connected statusing for hazardous exposure

causations. We are all klunking around out here

shuffling from one place to the next trying to

hook into just the process itself. An Act of Congress

doesn't cut it for medical patients, so let's

stop the Human Torture of our people and

get VA disability Presumptive statusing standardized

as a national priority complete with filing

forms at the VA and with a fast track entry

process into the Environmental Hazards Advisory

Committee and stop with all the fun and games

in between which are in place right now.

Who ever heard of a bunch of medical patients

having to get an "Act of Congress" just to be

recognized as a toxic exposure group ???

This is something that only a disconnected VA

would do.


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