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Stop Delays in Claims Process

I think that the VA and DOD should work together to allow VA employees access to different data sources that the DOD has on each Veteran. Some examples are the LOD "Line OF Duty" Portal, which would allow the VA to view LOD for injured Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers, instead of submitting a request that could take up to six months to receive. DOD also has IPERMS that would allow VA employee's direct access to the Veterans official military files. This could also help reduce the time for processing claims since we would not have to keep requesting information from NPRC, DPRIS, and other agencies. I know that MEPS had a database where they could review entrance exams electronically. Some claims are delayed because we are waiting on entrance exam results. If we had access we would not have to wait and delay the claim. Sometimes claims are delayed for entrance exams that have never been conducted. The departments don’t talk so the VA don't know that if the Veteran enlist into the ARNG or USAR and they have had a entrance exam within the past 5 years a new entrance exam is not conducted. So this is a waste of time trying to develop for. Lets get together and simply the system. It is not that hard. Let’s create a committee of VA employees that served and know how things are done in their branches of service and how we can help reduce claim delays bye getting rid of unnecessary development procedures.



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