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Stop wasting on fraudelent claims and look at evidence

My name is Randall Dean Reed and I retired from the United States Naval Service in October of 1998. Since that time I have been in the process of claiming dissability that occured while I was in the service. My condition deals with my back (upper and lower). During my time in the service I fell and injured my right knee and back. I had two surgeries on my right knee and over 30 steroid injections in my back to try and ease my suffering. Military doctors from 1992 - 1998 would not operate on my back so when I retired I sought help from civilian surgeons and had surgery in August of 1999 on my back. I have also had a lumbar fusion on my back in 2008. Still the VA denies my claim stating that I have no evidince of back pain and even have while undergoing my comprehensive evaluation a representative stopped the eval and told me that if I claimed my right knee that she would see that I would be compensated for my right knee which I reported but nothing happened. I have also been humiliated by my Dissability Counselor to the point that he called me a baby because I called him and asked him the status of my claim that was reported and of course nothing happened. I have submitted over 500 pieces of documentation of all procedures done on my back while I was in the service and what has occured after retirement. Still the VA in Detroit will deny my claim stating no evidence submitted even after their office has copied all documentation and sent back to me. I have had Hospital Corpsman write statements about my back and civilian physicians have submitted statements about the condition of my back and the fact that because of my accident while on active duty my back is in the condition is to this date only to once again have the Detroit Office report no new evidence. I recently received a letter from same office telling me that my claim in April of 1998 is denied this is 2010 and I was still on active duty and did not retire until October 1998. My suggestion to the VA is to take the time to read evidence presented approve the claims because of the evidence submitted and stop telling veteran's that because there are over 4200 claims in the state of Michigan that we should suffer. A veteran who submits documentation should be granted compensation and not have to go through the continious 65 - 90 day delays the VA will do. My email address is and welcome any suggestions from veterans on what to do to correct my status.



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