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I think that a lot of times the claims process is delayed because the VA is unsure of what the Veteran is claiming. Also I think that the Veteran is confused by the 23-page application. I think that it would be a great idea if we would change the application to work more like turbo tax. I think that this could simply the process. For example if a veteran listed his dates of service from 2003 to 2008 the system would not ask him to fill out information about Vietnam. It would promt him to answer question based on OEF/OIF. If the veteran listed back condition he/she would be promoted with upper back or lower back or both. This would save time in the development as the VSR would not need to call the Veteran to clarify what he is claiming or send a letter and then wait 30 days for a response. Also the application for pension could notify the Veteran based on income information if they were eligible for pension benefits. If not it would ask if they still wished to apply. This could work for a lot of conditions. This application could tell the veteran what they will need to substantiate their claim. It could even generate a VCAA letter based on the information provided in the Application. That way we could save money and time on the mailing process. The veteran could even digitally sign their VCAA notice response.



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