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The main problems

I owned Triton Insurance agency in Calif. I carried Workman's Compensation Insurance. Workman's Compensation and the VA Claims Division are exactly the samething. When a person is injuried on the job, the person is entitled to file a claim for phyical or mental disability.

With workman's Compensation, each state has a Insurance Commission which oversee's all insuance companies. 95% of all claims from start to finish take from 1 to 6 months to complete. 30% of my claim took 41 years. Now the 70% left is now 6 years old.

Reason why, with insurance companies, the claimant can speak to and explain evidence to the claims adjuster. Veterans can not speak to any decision makers. Decision makers are not trained in reading rules of law, they do not believe VA doctors who say in writing this veteran is service connected.

Veteran's main problem, everyone knows there is a problem, but no does anything aboutit.

I have been keeping a daily log, and will be in Washington DC. next month looking for a person who cares. Ken Freitas is on his way to try and fix.



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