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VA Beneficiary Wesbite

The VA should have one website where veterans/beneficiaries can login and view all of their VA benefit information. This should include status, location, and anticipated completed of claims in progress as well as payment information of benefits currently being received. This resource would eliminate a lot of confusion and aggrivation on the part of us veterans and should reduce the the number of inquiries to various VA phone numbers and websites. I for one am continually looking for ways to get information and answers to my questions from the VA. There is one phone number for Post 9/11 Educational questions, which is useless and is never answered. Another question and answer website for Post 9/11 Educational question which is not much better than the phone number. Yet another set of phone numbers and website/questions and answer page for disability compensations etc. I realize all these areas may fall under different parts of the VA, however, they should all be able to be retrieved from one central location. Currently the VA does not do a good job communicating claim status with Veterans.



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