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VA Claims Process

As a disable veteran having been in the system for more than 20 years, I can definitely relate to the having records lost, duplicate request, not knowing where the status of my claim, and simply the frustrations of waiting. The other week I ordered a pizza online and was amazed at how intuitive, and informative their ordering process was. I wondered with all the technology out there, the monies and time that are wasted throughout the VA process, on duplications, waiting for records etc, that if a pizza chain can simplify their ordering process why the VA can’t come up with a process that, once a veteran puts in a claim, the veteran can track it throughout the entire process. It gives the veteran a bird eye view of where and whom is working on their claim. It may also serve as initiative to those working on a claim to handle them as expeditiously as possible by knowing the veteran is watching.


1) From the initial request for a disability claim, the veteran is assigned a unique claim number to his/her claim

2) That claim number is the associated reference number for that claim from beginning to end.

A) The veteran can check status of claim real-time throughout the entire process.

B) Veterans can update and add pertinent information to claim easily and at any point of the process.

C) VA can correspond to veteran to make any particular request from veteran or information to veteran.

D) It saves the environment, by saving on paper, and duplications etc.

E) Saves money that the VA can be reinvest into process infrastructure and manpower to develop and maintain process.

F) Saves time and allows veteran to access anytime within the process, which may alleviate some of the anxieties caused by the current system’s waiting time. Also will empower the veteran or his/her designated representative, if at any point they notice anything peculiar within their claims process, they can bring it to someone’s attention immediately, making those whom process these claims more accountable.

G) May make the process more seamless and cut down on receiving contradictive information pertaining to a claim depending on whom you contact within the system regarding a claim.

Bottom line, a system that is more transparent, and streamline will help many of us deserving veterans receive the help and benefits we not only deserve but have earned, and if a pizza chain can do it to get you your pizza more efficiently, there is no DOUBT the government can do the same for its hero’s.



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