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VA Hospitals

Totally do away with them! Instead, offer a VA healthcare insurance similar to tricare that must be accepted at any medical facility. It makes me vomit when I go to Nashville with my wife and take her to the luxurious Vanderbilt Hospital for her care and then I go across the street to the ghetto, broke down, over crowded, under/improperly staffed VA hospital.


Let medical professionals provide the actual health care and uncle sam flip the bill. Doing this will also accomplish the following:


1. It will eliminate the conflict of interest that currently exists by having the organization paying the bill providing the actual service.

2. This would also allow more veterans to conveniently receive better care locally. Eliminating the need for a veteran to drive extended distances for second rate healthcare.

3. Help to improve local, smaller economy. Take for example, if 100 vets who have to go out of town for their healthcare could now put that money towards local healthcare professionals, they would be contributing business to their LOCAL economy. I live in Bowling Green, KY and would much rather give the business to a local doctor who will put that money back into the town where I live.



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