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Veterans Ambassador Program

Having witnessed first hand the success of the VA Ambassador program at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, recently featured on the main VA homepage, I believe that this program could be an asset if implemented nationally, with a few additions which I will specify below.


For those that don't know, this program is where people assume the role akin to a "greeter" who meets Veterans at each entrance and assists them in reaching their destination efficiently and safely along with providing them direction. This program adds a huge person touch to the care of our Veterans. If WalMart can do it, why can't the VA?


My suggestion for this program, however, is to develop it as a paid position (in lieu of the volunteers currently) with hiring preference given to elderly and homeless Veterans in desperate need of some sort of employment and positive social involvement. While bettering themselves, they will also be projecting a better and more personal image of the VA to everyone who comes through their doors.


This is a tremendous worthwhile program and I believe it should be extended as a paid position to further help in the epidemic of homeless Veterans.



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