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Veterans and Health Care Reform

With Obama wanting Health Care Reform why are veterans not being brought up on health care issues in the bill? Are we going to be standing in longer lines for care. Are we going to be pushed aside like we so often are? I just find it quite typical of the government when they dont want you to know something they click in on other issues to divert you away. Will veterans be fined for not getting government health care. Will we be charged for getting health care. I KNOW, we will be taxed for our compensation to help pay for the new health care. How stupid of me. Like one VA doctor told me years ago when I tried to get an increase for a service connected shoulder injury. You are getting ten per cent now, youre getting over. I strongly believe there is a move afoot to tax our compensation and start charging us for our health care at VA facilities. What would be a better deal for the government. Tax us, charge us and then fine us.



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