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nation wide veteran's disablity discount pass for state parks

Today I was denied a Washington State park veterans disability pass for Washington State park system. I am an American Veteran. I volunteered for service in the Army to defend my country in the Vietnam war. I do have a 50% disability military related letter. I do have a State of California Veteran's disability discount pass card.

I applied to the State of Washington for a similar veteran's card to use the State of Washington's State Parks.

I am a United States of American Veteran. I am NOT a California state veteran, I am a veteran who lives in California. I volunteered to protect all the citizens of the United States of America and I want my military service related disabilities to be recognized in any state in the United States of America and I want all veterans and current military personnel who are disabled due to military related medical conditions to receive a nation wide - one single card - that will be applicable in every state of the United States of America because that is what I am. I am a veteran who is disabled at a service related rate of 50% and I defended the United States Of America when I volunteered for Army duty in the Vietnam war.

I feel I represent the numerous veterans and current military men and women who are discriminated not only as a veteran, but as a disabled person who has been denied access to the state park system in the State of Washington because I do not leave my disablity at home in California...I live with the military related disabilities every day in every way and in every state.



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