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Architecture Assurance Method: Exposing innovations of market

Numerous study groups (GAO, VA IG, IAC/ACT, IT-AAC.org) have peered into the many IT program failures in the federal market, trying to understand why 8 out of 10 major programs fail to deliver, costing the tax payer about $40Billion per year per OMB and GAO data. These reports point to flaws and disconnects between acquisition life cycle processes including Requirements Development, Architectures, Tech Assessments and ...more »


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Competitions for Innovation

VA should consider using competitions (internal and public) to identify and select innovative solutions to improve exisiting mamangement systems and processes. Similar to ones conducted by NASA and DOD... VA would have to identify a problem (not hard to do - there are many) get some experts to act as judges and define the minimum standards that the solution must meet, provide prizes(cash), and let the brilliant people ...more »


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