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Out sourcing of Veterans w/ VA Healthcare becoming an HMO

if DOD will becoming a joint partner with the VA, all medical records will already be on hand for the membership numbers. VA has some extreme intelligent executives who are far above the patients and healthcare professionals within the facilities - most affiliated with universities. if possible to hand over the healthcare, hands on treatment to the university staff, transferring all present VA healthcare (hands... more »


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Merge Claims Processing Services for CHAMPVA and Tricare

CHAMPVA and Tricare benefit claims are processed by two separate systems, one managed by the VA and one by DoD. The functionality of the processing is nearly identical (for instance, CHAMPVA pays the equivalent to Medicare/ TRICARE rates), with both systems reimbursing eligible enrollees for medical services provided by civilian (non-government) healthcare providers. Suggestion: Merge the CHAMPVA and Tricare claims... more »


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